Care/Ordering Info


Alison Wynne does not operate a minimum order policy. You can order 1 or 100+ items, but discounts are available for bulk orders – eg. Leavers Hoodies for a school / college. The prices shown within ‘The Shop’ are aimed towards the purchase of one item.

All pricing on our website includes VAT.

If you would like your school/college/organisation to be able to order direct from our website, we can tailor your specific order/pricing to be listed within our Shop area, under your organisation’s name. Please email us with your requirements.

Additional comments specific to your order can be entered in the Notes section when placing your order. On receipt of your order, we will send you a confirmation email. Please take the time to check that all details are correct on your order. We accept no liability for incorrect information submitted to us.

Personalised items cannot be returned, unless the original item is in any way faulty. You have 48hrs from receipt of confirmation of your order, for any changes to be made, or for the cancellation of your order. Any changes made after 48hrs will incur an extra 50% charge, if work has already commenced on you order.

CARE details

Every garment dispatched from Alison Wynne will be folded and sealed within a plastic garment bag, Each garment will also have a ‘Care Details’ tag attached. Please retain these details for your future reference.

The use of Tumble Dryers IS NOT RECOMMENDED for any garments/items purchased from Alison Wynne, as shrinkage will occur. Please wash garments (inside out), at 30°cold / hand wash, with washing powder/liquid that does not contain any bleaching agents, then hang/line dry.

The embroidered section of your garment may curl or wrinkle during the washing process. To bring the embroidery back to its original condition, the embroidered section of the garment may be ironed by covering the embroidery with a lightly damp cloth, and gently ironing with heat no greater than 2.